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Eyedid SDK, eye-tracking software for your mobile devices
Customizable and scalable eye-tracking SDK for all your projects.
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Simple Calibration
Participants can get set up in a few seconds
No need for expensive hardware. Optimized for mobile devices
Remote Testing
Reach remote participants with our mobile application
Collect and analyze data from natural environment
Simplify project creation and testing
with Eyedid
Eye-tracking platform to build and test projects on any mobile device, anywhere at anytime
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Hardware free

Mobile device eye-tracking

  • Real-time Insights: Monitor user attention, track gaze, and analyze viewing patterns from anywhere at anytime
  • Elevate user interaction: Gain profound user understanding and enhance their experiences across your websites and applications
Easy implementation
Accessible SDK
  • Seamless integration: Eyedid SDK integrates with mobile apps and websites, enabling eye control and gaze data collection.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Access Eyedid SDK on iOS, Android, Unity, Web (js), and Windows C++ across a wide range of devices
Smartphone showing how Eyedid SDK's eye tracking can be used for testing with heatmaps

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